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Empowered to power others

R&R Excellent Trading Corporation - an homage to our shared passion for excellence in trade and service.

R&R ETC is the country’s most reliable support equipment provider for various Critical Facility needs. Ensuring that businesses and their operations would not be hindered by any external factors, R&R ETC was born out of the passion to always be active and powered. From a deep understanding of how much businesses suffer due to unforeseen emergencies, R&R ETC made disaster preparedness a calling; a mission that has allowed clients to survive the worst weather conditions and calamities. Resources from office structures, vehicles, warehouses, along with its people are no longer easily compromised or threatened; lives are safe, investments are protected and most of all, businesses continue to thrive no matter the condition.

R&R Excellent Trading Corporation is your partner in working together to protect, safeguard and support your every effort to grow your business and future-proof the structures that house your investments and make your everyday operations a success. Our economy needs reliable experts who understand truly the effect of sub-standard service, and that is why we at R&R ETC has made excellent service our biggest priority. Investing time and effort in curating the best products according to what is needed by our country and environment today in relation to technologies that continue to develop our world, R&R ETC works only with the best brands available globally and has been proven to be the industry standard in the field of construction support equipment.

Empowered by our values and commitment to excellence, R&R ETC continues to provide the best Industrial Plant Support Equipment and Computer Support System Equipment to varied industries in the Philippines - for the continuity and sustainability of all critical facilities today and always.



Our vision is to spark into the foresight of Filipino entrepreneurs and builders the development of quality spaces and structures that are resilient, disaster-ready, and sustainable so that they are powered to do more for the economy and our nation. 


Our mission is to empower businesses continuously and consistently no matter the situation so that they can continue to thrive in their respective industries. R&R Excellent Trading Corporation exists to help our clients surpass their own success records. We value the importance of listening to the specific needs of each client, ensuring that all solutions are purposeful, designed, and relevant. We are consistently working together with our clients in order to provide exceptional support that can truly make a difference in the operations and structures entrusted to us.

the team


The people of R&R Excellent Trading Corporation exemplify the core values of reliability, resourcefulness, and honesty. Our people understand fully the importance of the work we are doing and as such, each of us proudly carries the character traits expected from practitioners of our industry. We never stop learning so that we could always provide the best-in-class solutions for our clients and their structures. Our trainings give us the competence necessary in this field and our experience of working with and for over 100 clients have also given us the expertise required to get this job done well. Our people, much like our mission are consistent and trustworthy, we at R&R ETC are committed to giving you the power and boost you and your businesses need.

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